Construction updates

The west wing / preschool wing is almost complete! We are waiting on gates for the playground. Now there are just lots of little changes as bulletin boards are decorated, new learning activity tools, etc. are brought it. A garden was planted in the playground. Children love to learn about growing things. The office of our director, Molly Rench, has new comfy chairs. Security hardware with camera was added to the preschool security door. 

As part of the remodel, the restrooms in the west wing have been converted to gender neutral facilities. Both restrooms have locks on them to indicate whether the restroom is in use or vacant. This change is necessary because access to the west wing will be limited during preschool hours. All other restrooms remain designated for male or female.

The playground is for the use of our preschool, Sunday school, and supervised children of building users. Please do not let the children play there until the work is complete and the warning signs come down. 

After worship on Sunday, July 11, Molly gave tours of the remodeled preschool wing to our members and visitors. Call Molly at 970-226-2341 ext. 123 to schedule a tour or do a self-guided tour when you are in the building.