Walk by Faith, One Step at a Time

For We Walk by Faith, not by Sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Each year, members of Christ United Methodist Church are asked to make a stewardship pledge for the upcoming calendar year. A member's pledge is a one-year financial commitment to support the ministry within our congregation, to the Fort Collins community and to the world. A pledge is important for two reasons. It is tangible way for us to take that Step of Faith and commit to give back to God what has been given to us. And secondly, it allows the church to make plans for the coming year knowing what funds they have available.

For 2022 the theme of Walk by Faith, One Step at a Time, is particularly meaningful as many changes are in store for us in the coming year. We need our faith more than ever. We need faith that our church will stay strong, grow in numbers as well as our commitment to Christ and the work of His church.

There are two funds you can pledge to. One is the Operating Fund which pays for general church expenses such as utilities, supplies, general maintenance and salaries, as well as support for missions. The second is the Building Fund. These funds are used for the larger maintenance projects and improvements to our church facility and is administered by the Trustees.

There have been many improvements and repairs made during 2021 thanks to contributions to the Building Fund including new flooring in the preschool, air filtration systems, online streaming equipment and Wi-Fi coverage, and treatment of spruce and ash trees to protect from pests. These improvements are only possible through your gifts.

A letter and pledge card will be mailed on October 10th. Members and friends may also pledge by clicking below. Plan to return the cards by October 23rd, our Celebration Sunday, either by mail or bring them in person.

Please give the decision to pledge to CUMC some careful thought and allow God to direct you. God is the hand hold required to stay steady and to walk with God. And it only requires one step at a time.

In Christ’s name,

Rick Butler

Finance Chair