welcome to Christ  United Methodist Church

You've discovered a warm and open church in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado. We are a welcoming Christian community where Jesus Christ equips and empowers ordinary people to serve in extraordinary ways.

Please join us Sunday morning as we gather for worship, study, and fellowship.

  • Christian Education for Adults - 8:45 am, room 107, east wing
  • Christian Education for Children for ages 2 through 12 at 10 am, downstairs, south wing south wing September through May.
  • Worship via Zoom  - 10 am. See weekly letter below for Zoom link
  • Worship in the Sanctuary - 10 am
  • Celebrate the Lord's Supper - the first Sunday of every month
  • Child Care available
  • Coffee and Fellowship - After worship every Sunday

Check out our calendar for church and community meetings and events. To find out more about us, explore the pages of this website and visit us at 301 E. Drake Road in Fort Collins anytime. You can also find us on Facebook. We welcome your comments and likes! 

Current news

May 17, 2024

Vacation Bible School is back!

Camp Firelight Summer Camp is from June 10th through the 13th

Join us for Camp Firelight at CUMC, June 10th through 13th, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  "Whenever I'm afraid, I put my trust in you."  Psalm 56:3.   Children ages 3 to 12 are encouraged to come participate.  We look forward to seeing you here!

To download our registration form:     Click here

Please submit all registration forms to Cori Rice at childrensministriescumc@gmail.com

Click here for the May edition of the Newsletter/Vision

The June edition of the Newsletter/Vision will be published on 6/01/2024.

Livestream is available every Sunday starting at 9:45 a.m.: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88572699891

Worship information for Sunday, May 19,  2024.

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday with scripture from Acts 2:1-8 and 12-21  (N.T. page 119). Pastor Leah Coleman will offer the message "Jesus, Jésus, Jesús, Gesù".  

  • Click here for this week's Bulletin
  • Click here for this week's Announcements
  • Click here for Hymn of Praise No. 558 "We Are the Church"
  • Click here  for Prayer Response No. 503 "Let it Breathe on Me"
  • Click here for Doxology No. 94 "Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow"
  • Click here  for Hymn of Commitment No. 2120 "Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness"
  • Click here for Choral Benediction  "May the Good Lord Bless..."

Next Sunday: Is Trinity Sunday, Pastor Leah Coleman will share the message titled "Man named Nicodemus." 

Scripture readings will be from John 3:1-17.

Church Conference  information:

Click here for the Church Conference booklet

Worship and Sunday School Information

  • Adult Sunday School is at 8:45 a.m. before the service
  • Children's and Youth Sunday School is at 10:00 a.m. during service in room 014

Bible Studies and Committee Meetings are meeting in person or having hybrid or Zoom meetings. Check out the church calendar for locations. Contact the office if you need more information on joining a Bible Study or attending Adult or Children's Sunday School classes.

Are you interested in learning more about Christ United Methodist Church? We have added a Virtual Membership Form which you can fill out to indicate your interest in CUMC.  We have a FAQ page here. You can also contact the church office at 970-226-2341. 

Recordings are available all week on our website.


We have begun a Capital Campaign for our new roof.  It is past time for our 60-year-old shake shingle roof to be replaced and upgraded to take us through another 60 years and beyond.  For more information on the campaign CLICK HERE and for our FAQ page on this CLICK HERE.  We ask for your support to achieve our goal.  To donate to our roof fund:  CLICK HERE. Thank you!


For all groups/classes/meetings, if you want to meet (inside or outside), you must fill out a room request form, and Building Use Agreement forms, and read our revised Building Use Policy.  The links to those documents are on our contact us page Masks are optional and occupancy levels are what they were pre-Covid.   Please turn out any lights you aren't using and close any windows when you leave.  Leave all rooms as you found them unless instructed otherwise.   

If you are in a position to support our church financially, we have a message from our finance committee.  To donate directly on our website, go to our Giving page. We thank you for all of your support given in so many ways. Not only your financial donations as you are able but also your words of encouragement and love.

Morning Glory Preschool

at Christ United methodist church

Our mission is to provide children with a nurturing, faith-based and developmentally appropriate environment in which to learn and grow. Morning Glory Preschool is accepting applications. Enroll your child today! 

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