Cumc celebrates a successful roof capital campaign!

The campaign was a success and we raised sufficient funds to pay for the new roof.


Elite Roofing Services is doing the work over the next several weeks.


If your pledge hasn’t been paid yet, please get it in by the end of June, as the final payment to the roofer will be due in July.


As of  June 14ththe west side of the sanctuary is complete and the east side will start on the 17th.   Then they will move south to the narthex room and then onto the shake shingles on the fellowship hall.  Elite will also be replacing the skylights in the fellowship hall. 


Thanks to all of you who made this possible.  It has been a long time in coming and the Board of Trustees and the Roof Campaign Committee could not be happier with the outcome.  The entire roof will cost approximately $200K and to think we raised that in less than a year is amazing. 


Thanks to the Anduss Family for donating the memorial from their parents, Lynn and Sally Anduss to get the fund started. 


We need no longer worry about God’s Holy House having a Hole-y Roof.

 The Board of Trustees, together with the Capital Campaign Committee chose Elite Roofing Services, LLC, owner Bob Sexton, to install our new roof.  This went before Church Council, who approved it by a vote by email on May 9th.  The decision was made to use a product called Enviroshake, a composite synthetic material that mimics cedar shakes.  All of the wood shake roof will be replaced with this product that has a very good track record for holding up to wind, fire, sun, and hail.  Here is a link to the Enviroshake website:

When the old shake roof was torn off the sanctuary on 6/10/24, the roof decking was found to be in great shape and allowed the new Enviroshake shingles to be installed without additional OSB decking.  This will save a lot of money.  Hopefully, something similar will be found under the narthex shakes. 

You’ll continue to see more work on the roof through June, and the west parking lot will continue to be used for equipment and product storage.  Please expect some noise.


The committee wants to recognize Jerry Cornetet for his creative campaign theme – God’s Holy House can’t have a Hole-y Roof.  Also, thanks to Val Cornetet for her creative logo. Heart