Our 60-year-old shake shingle roof has served us well, but the time has come to replace and upgrade our protection from the elements.  Below are a few images of the degraded condition our current roof is in.

God's Holy House can't Have a Hole-y Roof!

Get ready for a new roof. Our church has been blessed to have had one roof for its entire life. And we’ve been blessed to have had a roof over our heads. No holes, no leaks, no drops on our heads, we are blessed. But 60 years is a lot to ask of a shake shingle roof. It’s time to give those old shakes a sendoff. I’ve been told they try to send themselves off in a strong wind.


The Capital Campaign for a New Roof has officially started. We need to raise enough to pay for the entire roof by this fall. Half the price will be required to purchase materials and the balance when the work is done. The roofers we’ve spoken with estimate about two weeks to complete the job and they’d love to do this in the fall before the snow flies next year.


This means getting your pledge followed by the payment on that pledge within the next 8 months. Our goal is to have the funds in the bank by the end of August, 2024 to get the materials ordered. Yes, this is soon, but this has been put off for many years.


The minimum goal using an asphalt shingle product is $150,000 to replace all of the shakes on the sanctuary, narthex and the fellowship hall.  We hope to get a full $210,000, allowing us to use a synthetic shake that mimics the cedar shakes and will withstand damage from hail better than asphalt.


We had a head start with $85,926 in savings for this Roof Fund so far and some came from the Lynn and Sally Anduss memorial.  Lynn worked for the architectural firm that designed the building and his children wanted their parents remembered and honored in this way.   With additional gifts and pledges since January 1st, we have a balance of $201, 379 in savings or pledged to be paid.  Thanks to those of you who have pledged.


A blank pledge card can be picked up at the church or print one using this link.  Please turn them in by January 31, 2024 and remember the funds need to be received in total by August, 2024.  Or you can donate now CLICK HERE.


Check the website for more roof details, updates and answers to frequently asked questions. And please search your hearts and your savings accounts to help us fund this effort.  No donation is too small.


The committee wants to recognize Jerry & Val Cornetet for their creative capital campaign roof logo and theme.


The Roof Campaign Committee