one of these quilts could be yours

United Methodist Women support mission projects locally, nationally, and internationally - ranging from jewelry-making businesses started by women to support their families, to major building endeavors, and from educational scholarships to outreach programs for women and children. People from Boston to Bangladesh and Indianapolis to India benefit from mission money raised through UMW.

You can help support these programs with any donation in $5.00 increments payable to UMW at CUMC. Contact any UMW leadership team member or donate at the table in the Narthex after church through November 6 or contact the church office.

A bonus...

We’ve had a hint of cooler weather to come, and who doesn’t like to curl up under a hand-sewn quilt? One of four lovely donated quilts could be yours! Make a donation by November 6 for a chance at one of the four quilts pictured.