New Roof Campaign FAQ

Christ United Methodist is getting a new roof.  The contractor started work on 6/10/2024.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who created that lovely artwork for the campaign?

It was created by Val Cornetet.

And who was clever enough to come up with “God’s Holy House can’t have a Hole-y Roof”?

Our friend Jerry Cornetet. 

Why now for a roof campaign?

The roof on the sanctuary is original to the building, built in 1963.  So, 60 years means it is overdue for a new roof.  We’ve been lucky and we can’t expect that luck to hold.

Can we afford this?

Yes, with many generous donations.  THANK YOU! heart  The campaign has been underway since January, and to date, there is over $205,000 pledged or received.

Who is the roofing contractor?

The Trustees recommended Elite Roofing Services, LLC to the Church Council who approved the recommendation.  Elite Roofing's owner is Bob Sexton, and here is their website:

When is this going to take place?

The roof teardown and installation started on 6/10/2024, the week of Vacation Bible School.  It's estimated to take about 3-4 weeks to complete and should impose very little interruption to users in the building.

How can I help?

Every dollar helps and we are thankful to all who gave.   If you have not paid your pledge, please do so by the end of June.

Can I write a check?

Yes, you can write a check to Christ United Methodist Church with the word "ROOF" in the memo.  Mail or bring your check to CUMC 301 E. Drake Fort Collins, CO 80525

Will the new roof also be cedar shakes?

No, per the building code in Fort Collins, you can no longer put a cedar shake on a building like this.  The product chosen is called Enviroshake, is made from a composite of materials in a proprietary formulation of polymers reinforced by natural fibers and elastomers.  The color that was chosen should look very similar to the weathered shake shingles that are currently on the roof.

What is the expected total price?

The total should be somewhere close to $208,000.  It will be lower because the roof decking under the shakes on the sanctuary is still in good shape.  A sheathing product called OSB ( Oriented strand board) will not need to be purchased for that section. 

Are new skylights going to be installed in the Fellowship Hall?

Yes, this is part of the contract.  The seven existing skylights will be replaced with bronze-tinted ones that will help with the sun glare in

the Fellowship Hall.

What happens to the old shakes?

All of the old shakes will be moved to the landfill.  All nails will be picked up during the clean-up. 

Are all of the current roofs the same age?

No, the sanctuary roof is the oldest at 60 years.  The narthex and fellowship hall shake portion is 30.

When do you need the money?

Our goal is by the end of June, 2024.   It was decided to get this roof on while the preschool was not in session, so we moved up the date from what our first plan was.

How long will the project actually take?

The actual job will take only three to four weeks.  Roofing materials will be stored in the parking lot, so don’t be surprised if your favorite space is taken up.

Will we still have a worship service while the roof is in process?

We should be able to worship on Sunday mornings with no interruption due to the roofing project.  Other than noise during the week, there should not be any interruption.  Each Sunday during the installation you’ll see big changes, worthy of praise and thanksgiving.

If I want to pledge towards this and pay by mid-June 2024, how do I do that?

Print a pledge card here:   Pledge Card.  Sign the form and bring it to the office or mail it to Christ United Methodist Church, 301 E. Drake Fort Collins, CO  80525 Attn: Financial Secretary.