New Roof Campaign FAQ

Christ United Methodist is getting a new roof. And we need your help. Every dollar counts so please consider donating to the Roof Campaign to help us keep the Rain Out and the Sun Shine In. The roof is 60 years old and is ready to retire. And Christ United Methodist is ready for the undertaking.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Who created that lovely artwork for the campaign? 

It was done by Val Cornetet


And who was clever enough to come up with “God’s Holy House can’t have a Hole-y Roof”?

Our friend Jerry Cornetet. 


Why now for a roof campaign?

The roof on the sanctuary is original to the building, built in 1963. So, 60 years means it is overdue for a new roof.  We’ve been lucky and we can’t expect that luck to hold.


Can we afford this?

We believe so. We believe in this church and its sustainability and opportunity for growth. The real question would be, can we afford not to do this?

What’s the worst that can happen if we put this off?

The shakes have reached the end of their useful life. Deterioration, weathering, wear and tear has led to what is now systemic failure of the roof system as a whole. Shakes are falling apart or falling off of the roof. The cracks and splits have opened up to a point where the underlayment is exposed and shakes are loose around fasteners due to these voids. The condition of the shakes makes a repair challenging at least. The best option at this point is to slip in some metal flashing at any spot where shakes are missing to help service water over these obvious problem areas. This is made more challenging by the fact that the shakes are brittle and will likely be damaged when stepped on. Equipment may be the only option to attempt a repair without causing more damage, but this would be costly up front and only provide a short-term solution. In the long-term repairing the roof now and replacing in say 1-2 years will only lead to a higher cost of ownership regarding the roof system. Replacement is the option that will cost the least amount of money on a per year basis when you consider the investment in a new roof system over its entire expected useful life.  Answer from a roofing contractor. 

Can a leak be patched?

A leak can be difficult to pinpoint unless shakes blow off or simply fall off the roof due to deterioration. Fortunately, the roof system is steep. This allows water to shed quickly and a leak wouldn't show up as quickly as it would on a lower slope roof system. Without a major event such a blowoff of a substantial section of roofing materials the leaks will be very small. This can develop into a big problem as water enters through a number of small infiltration points and is trapped below the roofing materials damaging the substrate and possibly materials below as time goes by.  Answer from a roofing contractor.


How can I help?

Every dollar helps, so please donate to the roof fund here: LINK


Can I write a check?

Yes, write a check to Christ United Methodist Church with the word ROOF in the memo. Mail your check to CUMC 301 E. Drake Fort Collins, CO 80525


Will the new roof also be cedar shakes?

No, the new roof will be an asphalt shingle roof or a shake look-a-like made of a composite material, which is to code.  New shake roofs are no longer allowed in Fort Collins.  If asphalt shingles are used a product will be installed to nail the shingles to that has some foam insulation, OSB decking and an air space in between to allow for air flow from the eves to the roof vent cap.


Have we picked a roofer?

The Trustees have spoken to three roofing companies and have quotes from all.  We need to confirm the money is there before signing a contract.


Will the new roof be better insulated than the current?

Truth be told, we have no idea what is in the current roof for insulation, but we do know there is no air space for the hot air to flow up and out. One plan is for a new decking to be added that has three parts, foam, an open-air space for flow and an OSB (Oriented Strand Board) decking for the attachment of the shingles.


 What is the expected total price?

$150,000 + (The price goes up each year due to materials)  That amount will pay to replace the shakes everywhere they are currently located, which is the sanctuary, the narthex (entry way) roof and the shakes on the south wing, the Fellowship Hall.  This price is for asphalt shingles, the composite product is closer to $200,000 but has a longer expected life.


The roof on the sanctuary is a pretty steep roof, do humans actually do that tear down and re-roof work?

Yes, and they are very well aware of the safety steps involved. The roofing company is bonded, insured and trained. They see this as a challenge to which they are prepared.


Does it cost more to have a new roof put on such a steep sloped roof?

Yes, there is a surcharge for that.


What happens to the old shakes?

The desire is to recycle any wood that we can, but depending on how it was attached and what is found attached to the old shakes, it may all be moved to the landfill. All nails will be picked up during the clean-up. 

Is all of the current roof the same age?

No, the sanctuary roof is the oldest at 60 years. The narthex and fellowship hall shake portion is 30.


If I could only give $1.00 toward this, would you still want it?

Absolutely. Every dollar helps, so please donate to the roof fund here: CLICK HERE.


When do you need the money?

Our goal is by the end of August, 2024. We need to pay the roofing company one half to buy the materials and the second half when they are done.


How long will the project actually take?

The actual job will take only two to three weeks.


Will we still have a worship service while the roof is in process?

It is likely we will be able to worship on Sunday morning with no interruption due to the roofing project. If the roofers will be on site, the service may be moved to the fellowship hall for that day.


If I want to pledge towards this and pay by August 2024, how do I do that?

Print a pledge card here:   Pledge Card.  Indicate what your payment plan is, lump sum or monthly, sign the form and bring it to the office or mail it to 301 E. Drake Fort Collins, CO  80525 Attn: Financial Secretary.